Wayne Thomas

Owner Wayne Thomas, in the middle, racing for Polaris in 1974!


Wayne and Heather Thomas, retired since December 2015, have been enthusiastic snowmobilers for 35 years. They fondly remember the days when sledding involved breaking trails with their Polaris TX250 to find a swamp for a leisurely cooked lunch over an open fire. Total time: 6 hours. Miles travelled: 25. Wayne was managing director of the computer department for Onyx UK and Heather was a sales manger for Sears Canada. Wayne and Heather decided to retire the old TX250 one night and somehow this decision ended with a Polaris dealership.

Wayne`s World Polaris was born! They sold only Polaris snowmobiles, and were approached by other manufacturers to carry their lines, but the die-hard Polaris fans said NO! In 1995 Wayne`s World started to carry the ATV line and eventually the Ranger line.

And Now the Next Generation...

Heather`s son, Sandy, has been working at dealership since the beginning. His wife, Christine, started in 2002. They now run the business. Just one big happy family!

We are located on the snowmobile trails and strongly support the three local snowmobile clubs. The Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA) has been doing a fantastic job at organizing the trail system in the area and will probably have an off-road trail leading to us soon.